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Team Notes: 2021 Week 2

Team Notes: 2021 Week 2
Team Notes: 2021 Week 2
Austin Stevenson - Tipico
Published: 2021-09-16


Week 1 is in the books and we have an early sense of who are the real contenders in the NFL. Some teams surprised, others disappointed, and some proved true to their preseason assessments. This week, we will examine the betting confidence in each team going into their 2nd game.

In the latest edition of “Team Notes” we are updating this season’s NFL Betting Tier List. It will function similarly to the traditional “Power Rankings” concept and will group teams based on how dangerous they are and how confident we would feel betting on them in any individual game. The changes from last week are the result of the latest news surrounding each team.

Latest updates on the NFL Betting Tier List:

  • The Rams and Chiefs established themselves as the most complete teams in the league.
  • The Giants dropped because Daniel Jones is not good at football and Joe Judge still doesn’t know the rules.
  • The Broncos proved to be a solid and deep team.
  • Arizona and Philadelphia were the most pleasant surprises of the week.
  • The Bears will move up as soon as they give the ball to Justin Fields.
  • Injuries dropped several teams, including the Jets and 49ers.
  • The Packers and Titans completely choked.

Team Notes: 2021 Week 2
Team Notes: 2021 Week 2

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