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Bet of the Week: Gut Feeling to Cash Out Pays Off

Bet of the Week: Gut Feeling to Cash Out Pays Off | Tipico
Bet of the Week: Gut Feeling to Cash Out Pays Off | Tipico
Alex Valdes
Published: 2023-05-08

In our 'Bet of the Week' series, Tipico Sportsbook highlights some of the most notable wagers of the previous week.

A bettor from Ohio paid attention to their gut feeling on Saturday night -- and it paid off very well.

This Tipico customer wagered $10 on an 8-leg parlay -- all on Major League Baseball games -- at +43,021 odds. But something just didn't feel quite right before the Dodgers-Padres game.

The bettor decided to cash out before the game started, and it was the right move. San Diego went on to lose 2-1 to Los Angeles.

The first four games of the parlay had already been secured, and the three other games were in progress – Athletics-Royals, Red Sox-Phillies and Blue Jays-Pirates. Interestingly, the bettor picked all those games correctly.

The cash-out was $1,339.46, and had the bettor won their entire parlay, they would have won $4,312.06. The parlay included a mix of moneylines and spreads.

"Considering 5 of the 8 legs were on the underdog, this was an impressive bet from the customer,” said Sunny Gupta, Tipico Sportsbook Manager. “Tipico's easy to use cashout feature allowed the customer to turn a $10 bet into a four figure payout before the parlay busted."

It just goes to show, sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

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Bet of the Week: Gut Feeling to Cash Out Pays Off | Tipico


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