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What's the Spread in Betting?

What's the Spread in Betting? | Tipico
What's the Spread in Betting? | Tipico
Alex Valdes
Published: 2023-03-27

In our 'Better Bettor' series, Tipico Sportsbook explains betting terminology and concepts in the sports betting world.

The spread is the amount of points determined to be the difference between the favored team and the underdog. Spread bets are most common in sports where totals are typically higher and offer an alternative to the moneyline bet, like football, basketball or beers consumed in the Muni lot versus the user tailgate.

Let's say Cleveland is a 7-point favorite against Kansas City. I know, dare to dream, a bet on Cleveland wins if they win by more than seven points. A bet on KC wins if they lose by fewer than seven points or win the game outright. If Cleveland wins by exactly seven points, the bet is a push and the wager is refunded.

Spreads allow you to take a favorite at better odds than a moneyline but concede valuable points, and the opposite for betting an underdog. You don't get the high odds of a moneyline, but you are awarded points for value.

There's also one key face to remember when betting spreads: good teams win, but great teams cover.

What's the Spread in Betting? | Tipico


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