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Don't Hate on This Final Four

Don't Hate on This Final Four | Tipico
Don't Hate on This Final Four | Tipico
Alex Valdes
Published: 2023-03-27

This article originally appeared on Tipico partner USA Today from this article.

By Charles Curtis, USA Today

The Final Four of men's college hoops is set. And there's not a single No. 1 seed in it. No 2s or 3s either. That's right, we have the all-CHAOS picks in 2023.

And I want anyone who thinks this tournament is a snoozer to change their minds.

I thought about this as I watched Texas go down to Miami on Sunday, thereby torching my last remaining bracket that had the Longhorns winning it all. And as I stared at the Final Four this morning, as I ranked the best possible title games, I realized that this is an all-time great tournament.

Some reasons to convince you:

1. Parity rules. Don't you just hate when the favorite wins? Well, there's no favorite here (fine, UConn is, but they were a No. 4 seed!). The No. 1 seeds are long gone. Teams that you didn't expect to see are still at the top. We love underdog stories, and there are so many here. Parity is the best.

2. Your bracket is torched. This means you can enjoy the rest of the men's tourney. Or, if you listened to Blake Schuster, you didn't fill one out and you could enjoy the tourney for real.

3. There are no bluebloods left. You could count the Huskies in that group, but I'm talking about the Dukes, Kentuckys, Kansases, Indianas and UCLAs. Let someone else win a title here.

4. We are guaranteed a game involving a team that's never won before. You are possibly watching history unfold here, friends.

5. CHAOS IS SO FUN. Self-explanatory.

There you have it. This tourney rules.

Don't Hate on This Final Four | Tipico


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