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Tipico Now Offering MLB Same Game Parlays!

Tipico Now Offering MLB Same Game Parlays! | Tipico
Tipico Now Offering MLB Same Game Parlays! | Tipico
Alex Valdes
Published: 2023-05-12

Same game, same excitement. Tipico is making MLB betting even more thrilling with Same Game Parlays on a wide assortment of game lines and player props!

Currently you can do SGPs on spreads, totals and money lines as well as these player props:

  • Hits
  • Runs
  • Home runs
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Triples
  • Pitching
  • Team totals

To take an example from the Mets-Reds game on May 9, you could theoretically wager on this SGP:

  • Reds moneyline at +160
  • Wil Myers Over 0.5 to hit a home run at +675
  • Total runs scored Over 7.5 at +205
  • Possible payout = $2,820.90

Remember, you must succeed on all legs of your parlay to win the total payout.


One great thing about our MLB SGPs is that you can combine them with other events in other sports, like a game in the NBA, NHL, NFL, or whatever!

For instance, one Tipico customer from Ohio won a payout of $25,295.98 -- with a $1 stake and 30743330-to-1 odds – by combining SGPs from MLB and NBA. The bet included moneylines and player props. Well done!

Also, by betting on Major League Baseball, you are also automatically entered into our 'Swing for the Fences' monthly contest. Bettors rack up points just by placing qualifying bets on MLB games, and the top leaders in points will win bets on us for a year in varying amounts. Full details are here!

So, try out Tipico’s Major League Baseball same game parlays today! Click here to log in or start an account with us!

Tipico Now Offering MLB Same Game Parlays! | Tipico


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