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Nick Pedone takes on the Big Apple — and Knicks Fans

Nick Pedone takes on the Big Apple — and Knicks Fans | Tipico
Nick Pedone takes on the Big Apple — and Knicks Fans | Tipico
James Reynolds
Published: 2023-04-26

By James Reynolds, Tipico

New Yorkers are undeniably passionate. Whether it’s about their pizza, their bagels, or their teams, you know they are ready to bring it — especially during playoff season.

Knicks fans all over the city are decked out head to toe in blue and orange, ready to cheer their team on and trash talk Cavs fans who made the pilgrimage to the basketball mecca.

Let’s just say New York isn’t known for its hospitality, especially if you’re in opposing team colors. So why not send BIGPLAY TV social director Nick Pedone — who, by the way, only packed Cavs gear – and have him stick a camera in Knicks’ fans faces!

With the cameras rolling, Nick made the trip to NYC for the first time and coming from Cleveland, there was a bit of culture shock.

“It’s definitely not like a midwest city, that’s for sure,” Nick said. The amount of people there was overwhelming, and it seemed even crazier that most of them had no clue a huge basketball game was happening.

“In Cleveland when it's game day, everyone is in their Cavs gear ready for the big game,” Nick said. “Here, it just seemed like another day to these people.

Simple New York tasks seem crazy to an Ohioan like Nick. In the videos you’ll see the surprise, shock, and fear when he learns that cab drivers own the roads and don't use turn signals.

“The fact that these guys slam on their breaks and accelerate to cut someone off to save nine seconds of time is wild to me.”

Nick didn’t let the craziness of the city stop him from going bold and trying to get Knicks fans to wear Cavs merch. Many told him there was nothing he could do to get them to stop repping the orange and blue, and some even turned down a $1000 offer! But with Manhattan rent through the roof, Nick knew he would get someone to crack….

Make sure to check out the video from Nick’s trip! We made sure he did it all, from going to the famous West 4th Street courts, to trying Lombardi’s pizza, to yellow cab mayhem and mingling with the Knicks faithful, it’s safe to say Nick had a true NYC experience.

Nick Pedone takes on the Big Apple — and Knicks Fans | Tipico


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