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Team Notes: 2021 Week 3

Team Notes: 2021 Week 3
Team Notes: 2021 Week 3
Austin Stevenson - Tipico
Published: 2021-09-22


We’re two games into the NFL season and the tiers are really starting to take shape. We expect the playoff seedings to look very similar to the top tiers on the chart, especially considering the historical success rates of teams starting 2-0 compared to those who start 0-2. Some wins in Week Two were more convincing than others and some teams looked promising even in defeat.

In the latest edition of “Team Notes” we are updating this season’s NFL Betting Tier List. It will function similarly to the traditional “Power Rankings” concept and will group teams based on how dangerous they are and how confident we would feel betting on them in any individual game. The changes from last week are the result of the latest news surrounding each team.

Latest updates on the NFL Betting Tier List:

  • Not much movement at the top of the rankings. The good teams are good for a reason.
  • The Panthers’ defense is one of the best in the league and their offense can do enough to win a lot of games.
  • The Packers bounced back after a rocky start.
  • The Raiders are a team to watch. They’re playing consistent football and can challenge any team.
  • Despite the big rushing performance, the Titans are still inconsistent and their defense is still vulnerable.
  • The Colts are dealing with serious quarterback questions following Wentz’s latest injuries.
  • Justin Fields will make his first start, which brings optimism to the Bears.
  • The Saints struggled mightily and failed to find any rhythm on offense.
  • The Texans might actually be decent.

Team Notes: 2021 Week 3
Team Notes: 2021 Week 3

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