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How To Craft A Winning Same Game Parlay Strategy

August 22, 2023

The key to understanding how to bet on sports is getting the most bang for your buck. Finding actual odds that have value is one way to do this but what if the odds for the game you want to bet just aren’t great? Is there a way to boost the true odds or are you out of luck?


A same game parlay (SGP) allows you to boost the odds by stringing multiple bets together to increase your potential payout.

To create a winning same game parlay strategy, you’ll want to navigate the sporting space with expertise in game narratives, favorite players, and correlated odds.

A same game parlay in sports betting is a variation on the traditional parlay bet. In a traditional parlay, you combine multiple bets. Think of it as a betting bundle. So, looking at an NFL same game parlay as an example, if you like the Bills, Chiefs, and Cardinals to win this week, you can combine them into a parlay for a potentially huge payout.

So, what’s the catch? Let’s say that the Bills and the Chiefs do win, but the Cardinals end up losing. Even though ⅔ of your bet hit, the entire parlay would lose in this scenario. The only way to collect on a parlay is if all the legs win. Anything short of that means a lost bet.

That’s where a same game parlay strategy differs. In this case, your betting bundle is on the same game, rather than three different games played by different teams.

Since each game only has one winner, you’ll need to combine bets such as:

You can combine any number of bets. The more bets you combine, the higher your payout is likely to be. Of course, the more bets you combine, the less likely it is that your same game parlay picks will be a winner.

Now that you understand what a same game parlay is, let’s talk strategy. There are a few basic dos and don’ts that can help you craft more single game parlay winners:

When crafting your same game parlay strategy, you may want to check different books. Unlike a traditional parlay, a same game parlay doesn’t just multiply individual bet odds to come up with parlay odds. This is because of a concept called correlated odds.

Correlated odds recognize that all the bets in a same game parlay are correlated. For instance, if Patrick Mahomes throws two touchdowns, the over is more likely to hit, and the Chiefs are more likely to win. These bets are related. Because of that, sportsbooks will adjust their odds to give you less of a boost for your same game parlay than you might expect.

Different books will calculate correlated odds differently, so don’t be afraid to shop around to try and find the best odds for your preferred parlay.

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