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FAQ: Tipico US Sportsbook to Be Sold to LeoVegas Group

June 24, 2024

1. What happened to Tipico US?

Tipico US announced the sale of its sportsbook assets to LeoVegas Group, a subsidiary of MGM Resorts International on June 24th. Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth transition and keep you informed of this change.

2. How will this impact my betting with Tipico US?

As of June 26th, we will no longer accept new deposits, wagers, or registrations. We suggest you withdraw all of your funds this week.

3. What will happen to my outstanding bets for Sportsbook?

All outstanding bets in the next few weeks will settle in their usual manner. We encourage you to log in and withdraw any excess funds if you would like to bet elsewhere, or cash out open bets. For any (future) wagers that settle beyond this date, we will contact you with specific details on how they will be handled.

4. What will happen to my outstanding bets for Casino?

We encourage you to log in at your earliest convenience and withdraw any account balances. All our Progressive Jackpot games will still be available for 30 days at which point they will be withdrawn.

5. What will happen to my promotions?

We will be shutting down all our active campaigns. If you have any active bonuses in your account, we encourage you to complete the wagering / playthrough requirements while the games are still available. All promotions will be cancelled on June 28th.

6. What will happen to my cash?

Your account balance is safe and secure. Withdrawals can be made through the application menu under “My Wallet”. You can continue to access your account to withdraw.

7. Is Tipico US working with regulators?

Yes, we are working closely with regulators in all of our active states to ensure we wind down operations in accordance with state guidelines and ensure we consider the needs of our customers.

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