Longest MLB Winning Streaks of All Time

The longest win streaks in MLB history, and how you may benefit from betting on a team during a long streak.

February 28, 2024

Long baseball winning streaks might be the toughest to achieve in all major sports. It means winning with every pitcher in your starting rotation, it means surviving other teams’ hot bats and hot pitchers, and it means winning three or four straight games in an opponent’s ball park. There are so many elements in play.

But some teams get it done and don’t lose for several days and even weeks, and this is where you come in. If you can identify when MLB teams catch fire during the season, that can help you win with your MLB wagers and parlays.

The Strategy Behind Betting on Streaks

As a team builds a winning streak and catches your eye, research how that team’s manager is using his rotation and also his relievers. Pitchers, like hitters, can be known for being streaky. An ace or even a No. 2 or 3 guy can string together several great outings that can propel winning streaks.

Also realize that most teams go with five-man starting rotations, meaning that a 10-game win streak or longer probably requires that all of those starters put up multiple solid starts in a row.

The caveat is, even if a starter gets rocked, if he’s got great hitting support behind him, he might be able to give up a good deal of runs and the team can still get away with it.

Find out how quick a manager is to pull his starters — some have quicker hooks than others. Also, be sure to know a team’s middle relievers. These unsung heroes of the mound can help a team weather the storm after a bad outing by the starter and possibly give the batters a chance to catch up.

It’s also really important to check a streaking team’s schedule. Maybe they have a four-game series against a team they’ve dominated earlier in the season. Maybe they’re facing two straight terrible teams. That could be six or seven straight wins and two straight series sweeps.

The Impact of Home vs. Away Games on Winning Streaks

Definitely do your research about how a streaking team does on the road and at home. Some teams do great – or not – in certain ballparks. For instance, according to StatMuse, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record in baseball at home over the past 10 years with a 503-257 record (.662).

On the road, the Houston Astros were 56-30 last season but only 40-47 at home, and conversely, the Colorado Rockies were 22-59 on the road but 37-44 at home.

Breaking Down the Longest MLB Winning Streaks

Here are the top six MLB longest winning streaks of all time, and the longest from the 2023 season:

New York Giants (1916) – 26 games

The Giants’ run lasted from September 7 until 30. Oddly, in August 1916, the Giants failed to score a run in a three-game series for the only time in franchise history – whether in New York or San Francisco.

Cleveland Indians (2017) – 22 games

During the streak, Cleveland won 17 straight on the road, a franchise record. Ace Corey Kluber was 5-1 with a 1.96 ERA in August and 5-0 with a 0.84 ERA in September.

Chicago Cubs (1935) – 21 games

The Cubbies are the only team in major league history to win 20 or more straight games and reach the World Series. Catcher Gabby Hartnett paced the batting order with a .344 BA, 13 home runs and 91 RBI.


Oakland Athletics (2002) – 20 games

The A’s won 103 games but bowed out quickly in the ALDS — this streak was a key part of the movie “Moneyball,”  based on the famous Michael Lewis book. Pitcher Cory Lidle won three games during the streak and was 5-0 with a 0.20 ERA in August.

New York Yankees (1947) – 19 games

Baseball legends Joe DiMaggio, Phil Rizzuto, and Yogi Berra led the Yankees to a World Series victory over the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Chicago White Sox (1906) – 19 games

The ChiSox batted only .230 but recorded a AL-leading 32 shutouts and the second lowest ERA in the league.

Longest win streaks in 2023

  • Tampa Bay Rays — 13 games
  • Cincinnati Reds — 12
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – 11
  • San Francisco Giants – 10

Advanced Analytics and Winning Streaks

The most insightful bettors go beyond basic stats such at batting average, slugging percentage and earned run average. Check out advanced analytics such as Pythagorean winning percentage, run differential, BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play), WAR (wins above replacement), WHIP (walks and hits in innings pitched), ERA+ and many more.

These metrics can give bettors a deeper look at how pitchers and hitters are really doing and take into account aspects that more traditional statistics can’t cover.

Betting on the Streak: Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re wagering on streaking MLB teams or thinking about wagering on such teams, make sure you check out the injury reports, which teams they are going up against next and how they have done against those teams during the season.

The Myth of the “Due” Factor

Avoid “gambler’s fallacy” — also called “Monte Carlo fallacy” — which basically is the belief that a team’s likelihood of losing increases as their winning streak gets longer. That’s not what ends win streaks. More likely it’s because a pitcher’s bad day, a collective hitting slump or an opposing team’s performance.

Conclusion: The Art of Betting on Winning Streaks

When it comes to betting on winning streaks, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is matchups. Hot pitchers can dominate entire teams, and conversely some batters just “own” certain pitchers nearly every time they meet up.

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