NBA Teams with The Most Wins in a Single Season

A closer look at the NBA teams with the most victories in a single season.

December 15, 2023

Throughout NBA history, there have been teams that simply took the league by storm and reeled off victory after victory. More often than not, those teams not only dominated the regular season but also the postseason, all the way to winning the NBA Finals.

In fact, 15 of the 21 teams with the most wins in a season have gone on to win the Finals that season.

Winning at a 4-to-1, 5-to-1 or even 6-to-1 ratio throughout the long NBA season requires that your superstars stay mostly healthy, that you have excellent depth from the starters to the bench and that your head coach makes great in-game adjustments to win close games.

And the rosters of the greatest winningest single-season teams are chock full of some of the greatest to have ever played — guys like Chamberlain, Curry, Jordan, and Duncan. You need the greatest players in combination with an excellent supporting cast to build an amazing team.

Let’s take a look at the teams with the most wins in a season in NBA history.

Teams with the Most Wins in a Season

73-9 – Golden State Warriors, 2015-16

Led by “The Splash Brothers” Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, as well as Draymond Green, the Dubs started out 24-0 and never lost two games in a row the entire season. Curry led the team in scoring at 30.1 ppg and also averaged 5.1 three-pointers per game and Thompson averaged 22.1 ppg.

But Golden State faltered in the later rounds of the playoffs. First, they had to rally from a 3-1 deficit to defeat Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference finals, then blew their own 3-1 lead against LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals. Draymond Green was suspended for Game 5 over flagrant fouls, and the Warriors also lost center Andrew Bogut to injury in Game 5.

72-10 – Chicago Bulls, 1995-96

Michael Jordan won his fourth NBA MVP award and averaged 30.4 ppg, and Scottie Pippen averaged 19.4 points and 5.9 assists per game. Dennis Rodman, whom the Bulls acquired in the offseason, averaged 9.3 defensive rebounds per game and 14.9 overall per game. Chicago won their first 37 home games and went on to beat the Seattle SuperSonics 4-2 in the NBA Finals.

69-13 – Chicago Bulls, 1996-97

Michael Jordan and the Bulls won their fifth title together, and all you basically have to do is watch highlights of the “Flu Game” to know everything you needed to know about MJ. It happened in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, when Jordan – weakened by either a stomach virus or food poisoning hours earlier – played 44 of 48 minutes and recorded 38 points, seven rebounds, five assists, three steals and one block.

Jordan turned the tide back in favor of Chicago, who had lost two straight games to the Utah Jazz. The Bulls won Game 6 to clinch the championship.

69-13 – Los Angeles Lakers, 1971-72

Guards Gail Goodrich and Jerry West averaged 25.9 and 25.8 points per game, respectively, and Wilt Chamberlain – in his second-to-last season in the NBA – averaged 14.8 points and 19.2 rebounds per game. The Lakers won 33 straight games, a record that still stands, and went on to defeat the New York Knicks 4-1 in the NBA Finals for the franchise’s first title since moving to LA from Minneapolis.

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68-13 – Philadelphia 76ers, 1966-67

The legendary Wilt Chamberlain averaged 24.1 ppg, 24.2 rpg and nearly 8 assists per game, Hal Greer averaged 22.1 ppg, and Chet Walker (19.3 ppg) and Billy Cunningham (18.5) also were high scorers for Philly. The Sixers started the season 46-4, which is tied with the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors for the best 50-game start in NBA history. The 76ers went on to defeat the San Francisco Warriors 4-2 in the NBA Finals.

68-14 – Boston Celtics, 1972-73

Dave Cowens won the MVP award with averages of 20.5 points and 16.2 rebounds per game, John Havlicek averaged 23.8 points, 7.1 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game, and Jo Jo White posted 19.7 ppg. Despite its lofty record, Boston couldn’t get past the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference finals.

67-15 Seasons

  • Boston Celtics, 1985-86 
  • Chicago Bulls, 1991-92 
  • Los Angeles Lakers, 1999-00 
  • Dallas Mavericks, 2006-07 
  • Golden State Warriors, 2014-15 
  • San Antonio Spurs, 2015-16 
  • Golden State Warriors, 2016-17

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