Which NFL Team Has The Most Super Bowl Wins?

August 22, 2023

It’s back. After a tumultuous and surprising season, NFL fans are counting down the days until Super Bowl LVII. Although many teams are hungry for the title, only one will bring home the glory. And this season, it’s anybody’s game.

Some of the top teams gearing up for the 2023 Super Bowl have yet to win a single championship game. But others are raring to join the ranks of six-time title winners. Is this the year that the San Francisco 49ers or the Dallas Cowboys resume rubbing shoulder pads with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots as the franchises with the most titles?

For those wondering which team has the most Super Bowl wins, we’re tackling the history of the game’s most-decorated teams. We’ll cover who has already taken home the Lombardi trophy and which teams have the best chance of bringing it back on Feb. 12.

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, there isn’t one single team that reigns supreme with the most NFL Super Bowl wins under their belt. But a couple of top contenders share the top spot.

Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots have won a total of six titles since the Super Bowl began in 1967. But both teams have had mighty different roads to victory.  Below are some of the Super Bowl winners by year.


Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are Super Bowl legends, having taken home six titles in eight appearances. Their memorable winning games were:

Super Bowl IX — In 1975, the Steelers claimed their first Super Bowl victory, winning against the Minnesota Vikings 16-6.

Super Bowl X — The Pittsburgh Steelers established their first streak with their second consecutive win in 1976. In that game, they won 21-17 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Super Bowl XIII — After a few years away from the Super Bowl, the Steelers returned in 1979 to reclaim their title. They won 35-31, again, against the Dallas Cowboys.

Super Bowl XIV — The Steelers seemed unbeatable during this era. They deftly crushed the Super Bowl again in 1980, winning 31-19 against the Los Angeles Rams.

Super Bowl XL — After decades away from the final game of the season, the Steelers finally returned to Super Bowl glory in 2006. The team won 21-10 against the Seattle Seahawks.

Super Bowl XLIII — The last time the Steelers won the Super Bowl was in 2009. The game was against the Arizona Cardinals, and the Steelers won 27-23.

The Steelers also made two Super Bowl appearances in which they did not win:

Super Bowl XXX — The Steelers were facing the Dallas Cowboys in 1996. They lost the match 27-17.

Super Bowl XLV — The Steelers’ last appearance at the Super Bowl in 2011 was unsuccessful. The team lost to the Green Bay Packers 31-25.

It’s been more than 10 years since the Steelers appeared at the Super Bowl. And they’re going to have to wait at least one more year.

New England Patriots

The Patriots’ tied the Steelers for Most Super Bowl Wins in 2019 when they defeated the Rams in Super Bowl LIII. Their six championships include:

XXXVI — In 2002, the Patriots faced the St. Louis Rams and won 20-17.

XXXVIII — In 2004, the Patriots returned to the Super Bowl and won 32-29 against the Carolina Panthers.

XXXIX — The Patriots seemed undefeatable in 2005 when they became the Super Bowl champions again versus the Philadelphia Eagles. The final score was 24-21.

XLIX — After a decade away, the Patriots returned for their fourth Super Bowl win in 2015. They won 28-24 against the Seattle Seahawks.

LI — In 2017, the Patriots came back for a victory, smashing the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.

LIII — The last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl was in 2019, when they defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.

How Many Times Has San Francisco Won The Super Bowl?

But wait, you may say, I remember the 49ers taking home the Lombardi at least a few times.

Your memory doesn’t fail you. The San Francisco 49ers closely trail the Steelers, and the Patriots for most Super Bowl wins ever. The team has made a total of seven Super Bowl appearances and won five of those games. Their legendary wins were:

XVI — In 1982, the 49ers won the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21.

XIX — The 49ers returned to Super Bowl victory in 1985, crushing the Miami Dolphins 38-16.

XXIII — When the 49ers faced the Bengals again in 1989, the team repeated their ‘82 win. San Francisco won 20-16.

XXIV — By 1990, the 49ers seemed undefeatable. Their win goes down in Super Bowl history, as they beat the Denver Broncos a bone-chilling 55-10. It’s still the most lopsided score in Super Bowl history.

XXIX — In 1995, the 49ers returned to the Super Bowl for a California face-off. They played the San Diego Chargers and won 49-26.

But 1995 marked the last time that the 49ers won a Super Bowl. They have since made two appearances at the game but lost both:

XLVII — The 49ers returned to the Super Bowl in 2013, but they lost the game against the Baltimore Ravens 34-31.

LIV — In 2020, the 49ers played the Kansas City Chiefs and lost 31-20.

Although it’s been a couple of years since San Francisco appeared at the Super Bowl, they could make a 2023 return. Odds are +425 on the NFL team to win it all, according to our Sportsbook.

How Many Times Has Dallas Won The Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys hold the same standing as the 49ers, with five Super Bowl wins under their belts. (However, unlike the 49ers, they’ve made eight appearances at the biggest Sunday game.) But it’s been almost 30 years since the team made it to the Super Bowl. Their wins were:

VI — The Cowboys won their first NFL Super Bowl title in style in 1972. They played against the Miami Dolphins, and won with a final score of 24-3.

XII — When the Cowboys won their second title, it was in 1978. The game was against the Denver Broncos, 27-10.

XXVIII — The Cowboys scored one of their biggest defeats in the 1993 Super Bowl. The score was 52-17 against the Buffalo Bills.

XXVIII — The Cowboys faced the Bills again for another Super Bowl in 1994. The result stayed the same, with Dallas winning again 30-13.

XXX — The last time the Cowboys won (or even appeared) at the Super Bowl was in 1996. The game was against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Cowboys won 27-17.

The Cowboys also had a streak in the ‘70s of appearing at the Super Bowl but not winning their games. These matches were:

V — Although the Cowboys had a good game in 1971, they lost to the Baltimore Colts 16-13.

X — The Cowboys tried again for victory in 1976, but they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17.

XIII — History repeated itself in 1979 when the Cowboys lost again to the Steelers by four points (35-31).

The Cowboys could return for glory in 2023. Tipico puts Dallas’s odds of winning the Super Bowl at +900.

What Teams Won The Super Bowl More Than Once?

Although some teams seem to dominate the Super Bowl, many other teams have multiple wins. They are:

Four wins — Green Bay Packers, New York Giants

Three wins — Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Commanders

Two wins — Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs

Of these multi-Super Bowl winners with fewer than five rings, only the Giants and Chiefs remain in this year’s playoffs.

Which Teams Are Likely to Make It to Super Bowl LVII?

So, how many times has the underdog won the Super Bowl? The underdogs were able to win the championship 19 times. This year, a few teams are up for Super Bowl competition that are still seeking their first-ever championship or to join the list of multi-title franchises:

Buffalo Bills — The Bills have tussled their way to the top of the pack this season. Many have placed their bets on the team to win it all at Super Bowl LVII. Although the Bills have played in the Super Bowl four times (in a row!), they never won. And they haven’t appeared at the game since 1994.

Cincinnati Bengals – Just following last year’s Super Bowl loss to the LA Rams, the Bengals were given pretty good chances of winning their first Super Bowl championship this year (+1300). And now that they’re headed into the Divisional Round of the playoffs, expect the Bengals to keep carrying the grudge from last year’s loss one yard at a time.

Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars currently face the steepest odds to advance further in the playoffs, but will they pull off three underdog wins to bring the Lombardi Trophy home to the Sunshine State? Having never made it to the Super Bowl championship before, pulling off a series of upsets would mark a historic year for Jacksonville.

Philadelphia Eagles — The Philadelphia Eagles have one Super Bowl win already in the books, but that was back in 2018. The team has appeared in three total Super Bowls and is looking to make a fourth in 2023.

These teams will be throwing everything they’ve got into their playoff games.

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Nothing is over until it’s over. And just because a team had a great showing at the Super Bowl in the past is no guarantee that they’ll bring home the Lombardi from Super Bowl LVII. But no matter who wins, all eyes will be glued to the game on Feb. 12.

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