Recapping Every Super Bowl Tom Brady Has Played In From 2002 To Now

August 22, 2023

If you’ve seen the list of Super Bowl winners by year, you’d know that Tom Brady holds just about every significant quarterback record out there. So it’s no wonder he is considered the GOAT of the NFL. He’s broken record after record—including many of his own. His career has been legendary, but just how many times has Tom Brady been to the Super Bowl?

Below, we’ve recapped Tom Brady’s Super Bowl wins and losses spanning twenty years—including game highlights and record-breaking stats—from one of, if not the greatest, careers in professional football.


#1 Super Bowl XXXVI Recap: Brady’s Debut and the Beginning of a Dynasty

Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl debut was in 2002. That year, the New England Patriots played against the heavily favored St. Louis Rams, with an impressive regular season record of 14-2 compared to the Patriots’ 11-5. The Rams’ offense, also known as “The Greatest Show on Turf,” was led by quarterback Kurt Warner, and it was the team’s second Super Bowl appearance in just three seasons.

The Patriots managed to outscore the Rams in the second and third quarters of the game, which gave them a 17-3 lead going into the fourth. However, quarterback Kurt Warner would quickly change that with his two-yard rush touchdown and then another 26-yard pass touchdown—bringing the game to a tie at 17 with 1:30 minutes left on the clock.

But thanks to Brady getting the Patriots downfield, they put kicker Adam Vinatieri in range for a game-winning 48-yard field goal. It was a momentous day for the New England Patriots, winning their first Super Bowl championship and awarding Brady the MVP. This day marked the beginning of one of pro football’s greatest dynasties.

#2 Super Bowl XXXVIII: Just for Kicks

For the second time in NFL history, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots took to the field, hoping to win another Super Bowl championship in just three years. This time they were up against the Carolina Panthers, who were making their title game debut.

Super Bowl XXXVIII was one of the most watched NFL championship games, with 144.4 million viewers, despite neither team scoring until almost 27 minutes into the game. But the second quarter would bring much more excitement. Brady threw two touchdown passes while the Carolina Panthers scored a touchdown and field goal, which left them trailing the Patriots 14-10 at halftime.

Neither team would score in the third, but another Super Bowl record was set in the fourth when both teams scored a combined all-time high of 37 points. It was a tie game with less than two minutes left when, once again, Adam Vinatieri came to the Patriots’ rescue. With four seconds left on the clock, he kicked a 41-yard field goal for the win. Tom Brady would receive his second Super Bowl MVP with 32 pass completions, including three touchdown passes.

#3 Super Bowl XXXIX: Back-to-Back Champions

The New England Patriots would make their mark as one of the best franchises in the early 2000s by beating the Philadelphia Eagles. This game would see them achieve back-to-back victories and become the second team to win three Super Bowl championships in four years after the Dallas Cowboys in the 90s.

Tom Brady threw a total of 236 yards, including two touchdowns. But the MVP would go to wide-receiver Deion Branch, who tied the Super Bowl record with 11 catches and completed 133 receiving yards.

#4 Super Bowl XLII: The Famous Helmet Catch

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots would take their first championship loss against Eli Manning and the New York Giants in what was considered one of the greatest football games ever played—if not the greatest Super Bowl ever. The Giants were the clear underdogs, going up against the undefeated Patriots, and their win surprised football fans worldwide.

It was a close game, with defense dominating on both sides. Still, without a doubt, the fourth quarter was the most exciting. Those final 15 minutes featured:

  • A touchdown pass from Brady to Randy Moss
  • Two touchdown passes from Eli Manning to David Tyree, and Plaxico Burress.
  • The famous “helmet catch” made by David Tyree

Tyree’s now-legendary grab gave the Giants the push to get within range and score the final touchdown, giving them a 17-14 win.

#5 Super Bowl XLVI: Beat By the Boys in Blue, Again

Four years later, the Patriots and Giants would face off again in a Super Bowl rematch. The Patriots, who had a 13-3 regular season record, were again favored over the Giants, whose lousy 9-7 record would actually help them make history.

The Giants took the lead early on, but with seconds left before halftime, the Patriots snuck ahead by one point. The Patriots continued to hold the lead, despite the Giants closing the gap with two consecutive field goals. With less than a minute remaining in the fourth, the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for a six-yard touchdown, defeating the Patriots once again.

That night, the Giants set a new record for Super Bowl champions with the worst-ever regular season record.

#6 Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots Back on Top

After two consecutive Super Bowl losses, the Patriots returned once more, hoping to redeem themselves and end their ten-year dry spell against the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams entered the Super Bowl at the top of their divisions and had regular season records of 12-4.

The game went back and forth until halftime, with the Patriots scoring the first touchdown. Then in the third, the Seahawks took their first lead thanks to a 27-yard field goal followed by a touchdown. But the Patriots retaliated in the fourth with two touchdowns taking the upper hand with a score of 28-24.

It was a nail-biting moment when the Seahawks were on the Patriots’ one-yard line with only minutes left in the fourth. But instead of rushing the ball, the Seahawks decided to pass it. Cornerback Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball and secured the win for New England. Brady would claim his third MVP and set a new record with 37 pass completions.

#7 Super Bowl LI: The Comeback Kid

If there were a single game that would declare Tom Brady as the GOAT, many would say it was this victory over the Atlanta Falcons when the Patriots set the record for the most remarkable comeback in Super Bowl history.

By halftime, the Atlanta Falcons had scored three consecutive touchdowns, then scored again early in the third, bringing their lead to a whopping 28-3. But that wouldn’t stand in the way of the Patriots, who dominated the game’s final half. To tie the Falcons with less than a minute left in the fourth, Brady and the Patriots scored:

  • Three touchdowns
  • Two two-point conversions
  • One field goal

The Patriots would win the coin toss and take the win in OT. This Super Bowl was one for the books, and at least 30 records were broken or tied, most of which were set by Brady and the Patriots. Brady set numerous records, including MVP for the fourth time, being the oldest player to win an MVP, and breaking his record with a new all-time high of 43 pass completions.

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#8 Super Bowl LII: A Struggle Against the Birds of Prey

The following year, the Patriots returned to play the Philadelphia Eagles in what would be the Patriots’ tenth Super Bowl appearance. The two teams drove the ball for an epic and record-setting 1,151 yards. But Philadelphia was hungry for their first-ever Super Bowl championship win. Despite Brady throwing a monstrous 505 yards, the Eagles would win 41-33.

#9 Super Bowl LIII: End of a Dynasty

The Patriots were back at the Super Bowl for their third year in a row, and what would be a bitter-sweet win for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Unlike the previous year’s game, this would be the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time, with the Patriots winning 13-3.

Wondering which team has the most Super Bowl wins? The Patriots’ sixth victory would put them even with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most franchise Super Bowl championships. It would also be the only Super Bowl that Brady didn’t throw a single touchdown. This Super Bowl LIII game would mark the end of a football dynasty, as Brady left the Patriots the following season.

#10 Super Bowl LV: Brady the Tampa Bay Buccaneer

In 2021, Brady would make his tenth Super Bowl appearance, but this time it was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who took the lead over the Kansas City Chiefs late in the first quarter.

The Chiefs were hoping to repeat their win from the previous year. Instead, they didn’t score a single touchdown and racked up penalty after penalty until the point of no return, losing 31-9.

Brady would receive his fifth MVP and be the first to do so with multiple franchises. Once again, Brady broke his record of being the oldest player to receive the Super Bowl MVP.

So How Many Super Bowls Did Tom Brady Play In?

In case you lost track, Tom Brady has played in 10 Super Bowl championships, winning six with the Patriots and one with the Buccaneers. There is no other quarterback to have as many regular season wins, division titles, or Super Bowl appearances.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg regarding Tom Brady’s National Football League records. If any professional quarterback has ever been worthy of the idiom of being in a league of their own, it’s undoubtedly Tom Brady.

That said, does the GOAT have what it takes to win another Super Bowl championship?

There have been rumors of retirement this past year, but fans will have to wait and see if Brady returns for the 2023-2024 season. After an up-and-down 2022, the Buccaneers lost to the Cowboys 31-14 in this year’s Wild Card Round of the playoffs—and with his contract ending, will a possible future Super Bowl appearance come at the helm of another team?

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