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Bet Of The Week: Two Small Wagers, 18 Legs, One Big Win

August 22, 2023

In our ‘Bet of the Week’ series, Tipico Sportsbook highlights some of the most notable wagers of the previous week.

A bettor from Ohio was only a home run away from winning $805,477.87 last week, but it was still a huge payout – thanks to winning 18 legs of a 19-leg parlay.

On May 9, this Tipico customer placed two bets – one for $1.62 and another for $1 – on the exact same 19-leg parlay on odds of +30743330.

The bettor won 18 legs of the parlay, which was a combination of NBA and MLB player props along with three MLB moneylines.

However, the 19th leg was voided because the Chicago Cubs’ Patrick Wisdom – whom the bettor had picked to hit a home run – did not play.

Despite the missing leg, the bettor won $47,719.06 total on the two bets for the other 18 legs. A Wisdom home run would have netted him much more — but the voided leg assured him of a massive win, regardless.

“This customer shot for the moon and won big despite the huge odds,” said Tipico analyst Ryan Taylor. “These odds were made possible with the recent addition of SGP for the MLB, so customers can now be more creative with building parlays.


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Alex Valdes
Alex Valdes is Web Content Manager at Tipico North America. He has written, edited and performed user and site analysis at MoneyTalksNews, NBC Sports, MSN, Bing, MSNBC, as well as newspapers and magazines.