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Bet Of The Week: Gut Feeling To Cash Out Pays Off

August 22, 2023

A bettor from Ohio paid attention to their gut feeling on Saturday night — and it paid off very well.

This Tipico customer wagered $10 on an 8-leg parlay — all on Major League Baseball games — at +43,021 odds. But something just didn’t feel quite right before the Dodgers-Padres game.

The bettor decided to cash out before the game started, and it was the right move. San Diego went on to lose 2-1 to Los Angeles.

The first four games of the parlay had already been secured, and the three other games were in progress – Athletics-Royals, Red Sox-Phillies and Blue Jays-Pirates. Interestingly, the bettor picked all those games correctly.

The cash-out was $1,339.46, and had the bettor won their entire parlay, they would have won $4,312.06. The parlay included a mix of moneylines and spreads.

“Considering 5 of the 8 legs were on the underdog, this was an impressive bet from the customer,” said Sunny Gupta, Tipico Sportsbook Manager. “Tipico’s easy to use cashout feature allowed the customer to turn a $10 bet into a four figure payout before the parlay busted.”

It just goes to show, sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

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Alex Valdes
Alex Valdes is Web Content Manager at Tipico North America. He has written, edited and performed user and site analysis at MoneyTalksNews, NBC Sports, MSN, Bing, MSNBC, as well as newspapers and magazines.