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Bet Of The Week: Customer Hits Home Run With MLB SGPs!

August 22, 2023

In our ‘Bet of the Week’ series, Tipico Sportsbook highlights some of the most notable wagers of the previous week.

A Tipico customer parlayed two pre-built SGP markets to win $1,669.50 on a $45 wager with +3610 odds on April 22.

The customer from New Jersey had two pre-built Home Run + Moneyline SGPs on two separate games. In one game, the customer picked Adolis Garcia to homer and Texas to win. Garcia did his part not once but three times in the Rangers’ 18-3 victory over the Oakland A’s.

In the other SGP, the Tipico customer had Kyle Tucker going yard and Houston to win. Tucker did just that, giving the Astros the go-ahead lead in their 6-3 victory over the Atlanta Braves.

Ready to try your hand at MLB betting? Let’s go!

“This is the first season that Tipico has offered MLB Prebuilt SGPs and we’ve seen it become a popular market type with our customers,” said Sunny Gupta, Tipico Sportsbook Manager. “With the new pitch clock rules, we’ve seen home run markets become the most popular betting type amongst our customers.”

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Alex Valdes
Alex Valdes is Web Content Manager at Tipico North America. He has written, edited and performed user and site analysis at MoneyTalksNews, NBC Sports, MSN, Bing, MSNBC, as well as newspapers and magazines.