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Bet Of The Week: Two Correct NHL Scores In One Parlay

August 22, 2023

Getting the winners right in a parlay is one thing, but predicting the correct scores is entirely another. That’s what a Tipico customer from Ohio did last week, getting two NHL scores right at 43,300-to-1 odds for a payout of $4,166.80 on a $10 wager.

For the final two NHL games of the regular season on April 14, this bettor correctly tabbed the Buffalo Sabres to defeat the Columbus Blue Jackets 5-2 and the Colorado Avalanche to defeat the Nashville Predators 4-3.

Just as impressive was the fact that both victories came on road ice, although the Sabres and Avalanche did have the better records going into the contests.

In the previous week, a Tipico customer from New Jersey won $2,514.87 in a parlay that took nearly five months to complete – The 49ers’ Nick Bosa to win Defensive Player of the Year and the Sacramento Kings to win the NBA’s Pacific Division.


What’s a Parlay?

A parlay is a bet that combines two or more separate outcomes for higher odds and a potentially greater payout. They can combine bets in the same game or in multiple different games.

Ready to try your hand at NHL betting? Let’s go!

For example, let’s say Cleveland is playing Baltimore and Cincinnati is playing Detroit. It’s been 27 years since the move, but it might as well have been last night, and we already know you don’t give a darn for the whole the state of Michigan, so you decide to take both Cleveland and Cincy as outright winners in a parlay.

Parlays can include as many bets as your sportsbook allows with each added leg increasing the possible payout. However, every leg of the parlay — in this case, just Cleveland and Cincinnati — must win for the parlay to win. If any leg loses, the bet loses.

Like bringing groceries in on one try, each added item makes the trip a bit more risky, but that much more satisfying when it works.

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Alex Valdes
Alex Valdes is Web Content Manager at Tipico North America. He has written, edited and performed user and site analysis at MoneyTalksNews, NBC Sports, MSN, Bing, MSNBC, as well as newspapers and magazines.