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Tipico Bettor Wins $1K+ on a $5 MLB Parlay

Another example of a huge parlay payout on a small bet.

June 11, 2024

In our ‘Big Win’ series, we highlight one of the most notable recent wins on Tipico Sportsbook.

A Tipico bettor from Ohio didn’t need to risk much to gain a cool grand, nailing all 10 legs of a Major League Baseball parlay for a payout of $1,037.63 last week.

The June 6 parlay blended moneyline wagers and player props.

It’s another example of being able to get a good payout without risking much money if you are able to hit a sizable number of legs on a parlay.

“Parlay share is down in 2024 from 2023 but this kind of betslip, $5 to win just over $1k, is exactly what attracts customers to parlay wagering,” said Tipico Sportsbook Analyst Daniel Orencole.

Here were the moneyline bets in the parlay:

  • The Seattle Mariners (-145) defeated the Oakland Athletics 3-0
  • The Kansas City Royals (+125) defeated the Cleveland Guardians 4-3
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers (-190) defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 11-7
  • The New York Yankees (-155) defeated the Minnesota Twins 8-5
  • The Boston Red Sox (+240) defeated the Chicago White Sox 14-2
  • The Cincinnati Reds (-130) defeated the Chicago Cubs 8-4

And the player props in the parlay:

  • The Toronto Blue Jays’ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (-140) went over 0.5 total runs and RBI with one run and three RBIs
  • The Atlanta Braves’ Marcell Ozuna (-180) went over 0.5 total runs and RBI with two runs and two RBIs
  • The St. Louis Cardinals’ Nolan Gorman (-127) went over 0.5 total runs and RBI with one run
  • The San Diego Padres’ Luis Arraez (-122) went over 0.5 total runs and RBI with one run
Alex Valdes
Alex Valdes is Web Content Manager at Tipico North America. He has written, edited and performed user and site analysis at MoneyTalksNews, NBC Sports, MSN, Bing, MSNBC, as well as newspapers and magazines.