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Betting Trends: Live Betting Soaring In Popularity

August 22, 2023

Who’s going to win the fifth inning? Will there be a third-set tiebreak? Who will score the sixth run of the game?

These are all versions of live bets, or micro bets, which are quickly growing in popularity as bettors look for even more excitement in their wagers. Think of it as kind of the ‘bet within the bet,’ as compared to the old school wagers: moneylines, spreads, over-under, etc. With live betting, you can still wager on a winner — or a whole raft of other options — even after the game or match or tournament has begun.

Micro betting has become such a hot trend that Tipico – from April-May of 2022 to April-May of 2023 – had a 210% increase in live betting handle and a 12 percent increase in the percentage of live betting vs pregame.

“There’s more options of things to bet on. So, the outcome of an at bat or a pitch, the outcome of an inning, the next activity that will happen, single, triple, double, home run, the amount of strikeouts that a pitcher will get as that changes throughout the game,” Tipico Sportsbook’s SVP of Marketing Brian Becker told recently.

A dive into the Tipico data illustrates the rise in popularity of live betting, according to company analyst Brian Gilmartin:

  • 35.2% of all MLB bets are live wagers
  • 39.3% of all MLB handle is on live wagers
  • 16% of all live betslips are Rapid Bets, which is a wager on the result of X pitch

Live betting has also helped drive up Tipico’s MLB betting customer base, which has jumped 328% in active customers YOY from April-May 2022 to the same time frame this year.

“It’s not really that much of a surprise,” Tipico VP Andre Zammit told Gaming Today. “I’ve been, now, 20 years in the industry, so I remember Europe going through the phase as well of pre-match betting being 95% of the handle, and these days, it’s 65% live. So, it’s not really any surprise. And I think it’s going to grow and grow in the years to come.

“In regard to the offerings on baseball, it’s amazing, because you could also bet on the granular level of pitch betting as well. So, any pitch, if it will be a hit, a home run, strikeouts, or anything like that. That granularity already exists.”

And it’s not just MLB. The percentage of live betslips also ticked up several points on NBA wagers from January to June 2023 compared with the same time frame in 2022.

In NFL wagering, Tipico has also seen a heightened interest in live betting, which had an increase YOY in the winter months of the 2021-22 season to this past season, according to Gilmartin’s data.

Let’s take a look at an example of live betting from Tipico for the NBA Summer League. You’ll see that, with the Warriors-Rockets game in the fourth quarter, you can still wager on the spread, moneyline and over/under point total. Maybe you wanted to be on the game earlier in the day but didn’t have time — but with live betting you can still jump in:

Or check out this live betting menu from a Brasileiro Serie B match. This has a plethora of live betting options, as you can see below – total goals, next goal scorer, or ‘double chance’, which gives you an ‘either-or’ scenario to bet on. With the game tied late, do you dare bet that someone is going to score in the final minutes to win it? That’s the excitement of live betting!

“Rapid bets, micro bets, they’re gaining traction all around,” Zammit also told Gaming Today. “We’re internally working on producing a few more things, like for example, take the NFL, and you might have, ‘In the next drive will Joe Burrow have two-plus completions?’”

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Alex Valdes
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