Buckeye For Life: Tipico’s New Influencer, Cardale Jones

September 5, 2023

Cardale Jones grew up in Cleveland and played quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, famously taking over behind center during the 2014 season and leading the team to a College Football Playoff title. Jones has recently transitioned from a professional football career into a new role as Chief Talent Officer for Ten Talents NIL, an all-purpose NIL agency for college athletes.

Jones has long had a big presence on social media, and now he’s bringing that energy to Tipico as one of our newest influencers. We talked to him about Ohio State, college football, and more.


What’s your favorite memory from your time at Ohio State?

I’d have to say, if not winning a national championship, just the team-building atmosphere and what we built as a culture. Looking back at my time, I’m not surprised about the success we had from the culture we built.

What are your expectations for Ohio State football this season?

I think they definitely have an opportunity to get to the College Football Playoff. You look at their schedule — it’s not the hardest. The Big Ten runs through Michigan right now, but I don’t think they’re unbeatable. The Buckeyes have taken steps to get over that hump.

Who do you see as the Buckeyes’ main competition in the Big Ten, not including Michigan?

I think Penn State has potential. They are going to have some explosive guys on offense, and the defense is solid. I think they’re not getting a lot of attention right now — but you might look up in mid-November, and if they’ve beaten Ohio State and Michigan, they may have chance to beat those two and Michigan State all in the same year. It won’t be easy.

Your first boost on the season hit on Tipico – are there are any other teams or players around college football you think are being overlooked this year?

USC – Caleb Williams was great this past weekend. I think Notre Dame with Sam Hartman has the potential to make some noise. I don’t know if they’re going to make the playoff, but I am looking forward to that game against Ohio State.

As for other teams, with Georgia, I’m anxious to see what the new QB (Carson Beck) can do. And who’s going to replace Bryce Young down in Alabama.

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You’ve been known for having a big arm throughout your career. How far can you throw the ball now?

(Laughs) I haven’t lost anything, at least I don’t think so — I still mess around. I still think I can push it north to 80 (yards).

You grew up in Cleveland, but played for the Bills, and you were on a few other NFL teams. Do you have a favorite NFL team or a team that you follow?

I try to follow all the teams with former teammates and former Buckeyes, period…. I never grew up having a favorite team, it was all about the players.

What’s it been like transitioning into a career where you’re leading an NIL agency for college athletes?

It’s been fun. This is a field that keeps me young, keeps me around the game, keeps me around the players. These families trust me to guide these student-athletes in the right direction. I really feel like I’m a big brother to them, instead of an agent.


Tipico Sportsbook supports responsible gaming year-round; learn more and find resources at the AGA’s “Have a Game Plan“.

Tipico Sportsbook supports responsible gaming year-round; learn more and find resources at the AGA’s “Have a Game Plan“.

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