A Life In Sports: Meet Callie Bundy, Tipico’s New Influencer

September 5, 2023

Callie Bundy grew up a three-sport athlete playing soccer, basketball and softball through high school, and she went on to play Division I softball in college. After her playing days were over, she decided she wanted to stay around sports, and got into TV hosting. But she realized she missed training, which got her into competing in bodybuilding shows.

From there, her social media following really started to grow. She got her first fitness magazine cover (Fitness RX) and then got into fitness modeling. Around the time she stopped competing, she started throwing footballs on the internet — and ultimately ended up going viral for it. As Callie says, “That’s what really changed my life and made me a full-time creator.”

We asked Callie a few questions about her life in sports and a social media creator. Look for her to make plenty of upcoming appearances on Tipico’s many platforms!


Where are you from?

The Nutmeg State, aka Connecticut.

Growing up in Connecticut, what made you become a sports fan?

Playing sports first made me a sports fan. Before I was ever watching sports, I was playing them. All I ever wanted to do was play sports, I was just drawn to them. As kids, my parents were always giving us opportunities to try all different kinds of sports, and I took them up on everything I got the chance to try.

What made you gravitate toward trick shots in videos — especially football throws — is it something you’ve always done or was it a newfound talent?

In college I played softball. After our fall ball season, we had a month of no practices or games or anything, so me and my teammates used to play pick up football games. It was then I realized I could really throw a pretty good spiral, so I played QB.

Ever since then I carried a football with me and was always trying to get someone to play catch with me. I had been competing in bodybuilding shows for about five or six years and really missed playing sports.

I went out one day and filmed a food giveaway video and threw a football into the box it was shipped in, simply because I missed throwing things and wanted to work it in to the video. People started reacting to them strongly — good and bad, ha — so I realized I was on to something and just kept doing them.

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What’s the coolest sporting event you’ve ever been to and why?

This is a tough one — they’re all so cool in their own way. But I guess I would say the Patriots-Steelers AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium in 2017. The Patriots won, it was an incredible game and environment.

But what made that extra cool — it was my first NFL game as an adult and someone who followed me on social from the Pats organization reached out and gifted the tickets to me. He basically just said, “Hey I think you’re awesome and I’d love for you to have this experience considering what a football fan you are.

“I don’t want anything in return, all I hope is that you keep being you! I love your energy, the world needs more of it and if you get the opportunity one day to do something like this for someone else, please pass it forward.” So, the combination of all those things made it the coolest.

What’s your favorite sport? Your favorite team?

My favorite sport to watch is anything live — it’s the best! There’s such an energy, electricity, and experience you don’t get watching on TV. But if it’s not live, my favorite sports to watch are football and hockey. Currently I’m a free agent when it comes to a favorite team, which is actually kind of fun because it frees me up to really just watch anything and everything.

Your first event for Tipico was UFC 292 — what’s your favorite thing about UFC or mixed martial arts in general?

It’s so badass — how many people do you know that just take hits for a living? But there’s also a ton of skill involved, the training for all the mixed martial arts and their backgrounds individually, I find fascinating.

For example, Muay Thai, which comes out of Thailand, literally translates into the art of eight limbs because of the ability to use fists, elbows, knees, shins etc. Then with jiu-jitsu there’s Brazilian and Japanese styles, which focus on groundwork and submissions. There are just all these different styles that come together in a battle in the octagon and it’s just electric.

What’s one thing people might not realize about work as a social media influencer?

That it’s actually a ton of work. Yes, it’s fun, and you get to do some really cool things. But you don’t just get lucky — it’s a lot of work, effort, strategy…there’s a lot that goes into content creation. I absolutely love it though. You literally have the ability to create anything you can imagine. It’s kind of magic.

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Phil Dzikiy
Phil Dzikiy is Marketing Editor of Tipico North America. He runs Tipico’s sports and casino blogs. A writer/editor with an extensive background in journalism and publishing, Dzikiy has written or edited for Professional Sports Publications, Wirecutter, Electrek, VMSD Magazine, iLounge, and a number of newspapers, among other outlets. He lives in New York City.