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Double Down For Dummies: When & How To

August 22, 2023

Doubting your double down or wondering what is double down in blackjack? Check out our guide on when to double down in blackjack. Read on for more.
Knowing how to play blackjack can be very easy to understand. It’s you vs. the dealer. Whoever ends up with cards totaling closer to 21 wins. Even the betting is simple. You place your initial bet. If you win, the bet pays out 1:1.

Well, most of the time.

While blackjack isn’t a betting-intensive game like poker, there is a basic strategy to help change your potential payout. One of the best opportunities when it comes to maximizing your winnings is the double down. This guide will go over double downs, what they are and where they fit within the blackjack rules, and when to double down in blackjack, so you’ll be ready to win it all the next time you play.

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What’s A Double Down In Blackjack?

A double down in blackjack is your opportunity to increase your original bet after you have some information. After the initial cards are dealt, you know what your two cards are, and you know one of the dealer’s cards. This is where understanding blackjack double down rules becomes essential. At this point, you can double down. That means increasing your original bet by as much as double the real money.

But how much should you add to your bet when you double down? Some casinos will restrict you from truly doubling your initial bet, but most will allow you to add any amount up to double. Consider the blackjack double down as a key part of your overall blackjack strategy. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the specific rules at each blackjack table you play.

The Fine Print

That said, you should only be doubling down when you’re in a favorable position to maximize your winnings.

As for when you’re allowed to double down, it will be determined by specific rules set by the casino (or the blackjack table) you’re playing at. You might encounter different protocols in variations like blackjack tournaments or online blackjack. In European Blackjack, these rules might slightly vary. Restrictions on doubling down for each player generally include:

  • You’re only allowed to double down if your initial hard hand value equals 10 or 11.
  • You’re only allowed to double down if your initial hard hand value equals 9, 10, or 11.

Some casinos will allow you to double down after splitting a pair. Other casinos will not allow doubling after a split.

If your initial blackjack hand allows you to double down and you choose to do so, then what? You will add to your bet and be dealt one more card. This additional card is crucial, as you cannot hit again after being dealt this card in most blackjack variations. The game then advances as normal and you see whether your hand beats the dealer’s hand.

When Should You Double Down?

Now that you know when you can double down, when should you double down? Basic logic tells us that it’s a smart idea for a blackjack player to double down whenever they have a high likelihood of winning the hand. To determine that, it’s time to look at your hand compared to what the dealer is showing to determine if it is a strong hand or not.

To maximize your chances, consider using our guide as a blackjack cheat sheet for basic blackjack strategy:

  • When your hand equals 11. At this point, you can’t bust with one card, and the card that the dealer is showing can’t be worth more than your hand. That means you’ve got a good chance of winning. The one possible exception is if the dealer is showing an Ace (equal to 11). You can still double down in this situation, but you may also want to play things straight.
  • When your hand equals 10 and the dealer is showing 9 or lower. Same basic situation. If you’re playing real money blackjack, this could be an opportunity to increase your winnings. You can’t bust, and you’re likely to be beating the dealer after you get your next card. If the dealer is showing 10 or Ace, they may already be unbeatable, so it’s best not to push.
  • When your hand equals 9 and the dealer is showing 2-6. Nine is a less impressive total, and with only one card coming your way, you might be in trouble. But 2-6 is a tough spot for the dealer as they’re at risk of either totaling less than your nine or being in a position likely to bust.
  • When you have a soft 16, 17, 18, and the dealer is showing 3-6. This can get complicated. Some casinos won’t even allow a double in this situation and some strategies say doubling isn’t a good idea if, say, you have a soft 16 and the dealer is showing a 3.However, a “soft” hand means you have an Ace, which means you’re in no danger of busting, but you still have a good chance of improving your hand with one additional card. This gives you an advantage worth pushing.

Risk Management of Doubling Down in Blackjack

Doubling down in blackjack is not just a matter of knowing the rules; it’s about understanding the psychology behind the move and managing the associated risks. This crucial aspect of blackjack strategy, whether playing in Las Vegas, at an online casino, or in a blackjack tournament, involves both mental acuity and a calculated approach to risk.

Mental Preparedness in High-Stakes Environments

Playing in a high-energy casino setting like Las Vegas or Atlantic City requires not only knowledge of blackjack basic strategy but also the mental fortitude to make bold decisions. When considering a double down, assess your comfort level with the added risk. A confident mindset, coupled with a clear understanding of blackjack double down rules, can significantly improve your decision-making process.

Online Blackjack — Analyzing Risks from a Distance:

The environment of online blackjack offers a different kind of psychological challenge. Here, without the immediate pressure of a physical casino, players might find it easier to stick to a strict blackjack strategy. Use this to your advantage by taking the time to analyze your hand, the dealer’s upcard, and the potential outcomes of a double down decision.

Risk Management in Different Blackjack Variations:

Each blackjack game variant, from European blackjack to real money blackjack games, comes with its own set of risks and rewards. Understanding these variations is key to managing your bets effectively. For instance, the option to double down in a game of European Blackjack might come with different implications compared to a game in Las Vegas.

Balancing Bold Moves with Calculated Decisions:

The essence of doubling down lies in balancing boldness with calculated risk. Whether it’s deciding to double your original bet or considering the odds of going bust, effective risk management is crucial. It’s about knowing when the conditions are right for a potentially game-changing move or when a more conservative approach is warranted.

Learning from Each Hand:

Every blackjack hand, whether won or lost, is an opportunity to refine your understanding of risk management. Pay attention to outcomes, especially when you opt to double down. This continuous learning process will sharpen your instincts and improve your overall gameplay.

In blackjack, doubling down is as much about the mental game as it is about the cards you’re dealt. By mastering the psychological aspects and effectively managing risks, you’ll be better equipped to make this bold move work in your favor, regardless of the playing environment.

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