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Slot Spotlight: Simple Slots for Table Gamers

August 22, 2023

Maybe slots aren’t your thing, or you’re just too busy hitting the tables to give them a chance. But there are hundreds of slot games to choose from in Tipico’s NJ online casino — and they might be a lot more fun than you realize!

Not all slots are built the same. So, while people may be turned off by complex combinations and lines, some slot games are straightforward and easy to understand. Here are some great games for table gamers and people looking for fun and easy slots.

Cash Machine

Let’s start with one of the most popular slot games: Cash Machine. This is a game taken right from the casino floor, and it’s known for its simplicity and big win potential. The game slogan explains it all — “Win what you see.”

In Cash Machine, there are three reels that spin with numbers and symbols. When the slot stops on a number you win that amount. If no numbers show, you don’t win anything.

How to Play

Let’s say a 5 shows up in the first reel, a 0 in the second reel and then nothing in the third, you’d win $50! Not bad for a $10 spin! If you only hit a zero or a double zero and nothing in the other reels, you are granted a re-spin on the other reels. The other reels will then re-spin giving you a second chance!

Each reel has different numbers that you can hit — the first reel has a 1, 2, 5 and 10. Obviously, on this reel you are hoping for a 10, as double digits are key to setting up a massive win. The second reel has a 0 and a 5, and reel three has a 0, a 5, and a 00. Pairing two-digit numbers together is the best way to get a huge win.

For example, if you get a 10 in reel 1, and a 00 in reel 3, that’s a $1,000 win right there. You could win up to $10,500 on a single spin if you get a 10, 5, and 00 lined up!

Tipico VIP Kristi V. said, “I have a history of winning on that machine in a casino. Also, it’s easy to understand.” Overall, it’s a great game if you don’t want to think too much about what’s happening — and rooting for those numbers to line up is thrilling!

Enjoy the thrill of Las Vegas-style slots with Cash Machine, right from the comfort of your home.

Break The Bounty

This game is as simple as it gets. No spinning, just tap and pray! Each tap fills up a bar. Break The Bounty is ideal for those who prefer a more interactive element in their slot game. If the bar fills to the top it “breaks the bounty” and you win! One of our top VIP players, Mary G., had this to say: “Break the Bounty is one of my favorites since I seem to win the most on there. I won $13,000 recently and have loved it ever since.”

Fellow VIP Marc M. said, “I love the random prizes Break the Bounty gives me. It provides memorable moments each time.”

You can set the amount that each tap is worth — the higher you set it, the bigger the possible prizes. Every tap has a chance to win some, or all the prizes shown. The top prize is up to $25,000! Not bad for a single tap! The slot’s game design adds to the excitement, making every tap a chance for a surprise.

Extra Chilli

This game is for true gamblers. Extra Chilli stands out among slot games for its unique feature that allows players to risk for more spins, adding an extra layer of excitement. You can play this game like any regular slot, where you spin and hope to hit a winning combo — but you’re a table gamer, so why would you want to do that? You want to go big, and that’s why Extra Chilli is the game for you.

Extra Chilli is one of the most popular games on Tipico Casino. VIP Kay Y., said, “Extra Chilli is the first game I played at Tipico and it quickly has become one of my go-to slots. I love how simple it is … any game with high payouts, I’m interested.”

The Best Feature

We’re going to focus on the feature drop (located on the right side of the screen) because this is where things get interesting. Extra Chilli’s drop function feature offers players different ways to enhance their gameplay and increase their chances of a big win. Buying the feature gives you a default of 8 free spins, but you can risk it all for more spins — you can keep gambling your spins until you get up to 24 free spins. It’s a risk to keep gambling those spins, but a big reward may await you!

Once you decide on how many free spins you’re happy with, you sit back and let the game spin for you. Let’s say you landed on 24 free spins — the game will spin 24 times, and each time you hit a winning combo, your win multiple increases! The multiplier is unlimited, so you technically could be getting 1000x payouts (though unlikely) towards the end of your free spins.

The Final Verdict

The name of the game may be similar, but the games are unique in their own way! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to online gambling, these simple slot games offer a great way to enjoy the casino experience.


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James Reynolds
James Reynolds is Tipico's copywriter. He's also a go-to resource in both online slot games in Tipico's Casino...and pizza.