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Slot Spotlight: Link & Win Slots — Lightning Gorilla, Ultimate Fire Link – China Street, Cornelius

Link and win bonus slots have proven to be big hits with casino gamers — check out these two popular games and one hidden gem.

April 19, 2024

The best slots have great themes, big payouts, and thrilling features. And on this addition of Slot Spotlight, these slot themes bring the heat. But how do all these slots “link” together? Well, they all have one of the most popular bonus features — they are link and win slots!

Just like some of the hottest games on the casino floor, these slots will have you rooting for those sought-after scatters and make you cheer with joy as those big cash prizes land, link, and add up for massive wins. So, let’s kick this thing off and step into the heart of the jungle with Lightning Gorilla.

Lightning Gorilla

Lightning Gorilla is a classic link bonus slot that takes you right into the jungle with high-paying animal symbols. This game features three rows, five reels and 40 paylines to hit those combinations. The highest paying symbol is the Wild symbol (which you can use to pair with the other animal and letter symbols) and the Gorilla, which will pay 300x your wager if you land five on a winning line.

While the base game of this slot offers a jungle-themed thrill, the big bucks come from the lightning re-spin bonus. The scatter symbol is the key to unlocking the lightning re-spin bonus. The blue box with a lightning symbol containing a dollar amount or a colossal jackpot acts as the scatter symbol for this game. Like most link bonus slots, you’ll need to land six or more scatter symbols to trigger the bonus game.

The original symbol you landed to unlock the bonus will be collected and your re-spins will start. You get three spins at the start to collect more scatters — and you only collect the scatters that land in the spaces highlighted by a bolt of lightning.

This collection area will change size and location on each spin. Each symbol you collect has a dollar amount or a jackpot associated with it, and each time a symbol is collected, it resets the remaining bonus spins back to three. At the end of the feature all the scatters you collected are added up and awarded, making for a big payout!

Ultimate Fire Link — China Street  

Ultimate Fire Link – China Street is one of the most popular games at Tipico, paying out bettors over $1.6 million in winnings. This game is uniquely four rows and five reels, giving you an extra row to it combos from the traditional 3×5 layout.

The game features a cool Chinese street vibe and classic Chinese symbols such as a lantern (which acts as a wild), soup dumplings, tea kettles and fortune cookies which all act as the higher-paying symbols. 


The link bonus game is triggered when four or more of the scatter symbol (the fiery ball) appear on the reels. The scatters that you land in the main game are then held in the bonus game.

In the bonus game you’ll start with three spins, trying to collect more scatters. Each time a spin collects one or more additional scatters, your spins reset back to three. Another cool aspect of this feature is that the reels can expand. As you collect more scatters, you unlock additional rows, giving you more chance to land scatters to extend your bonus and get even bigger payouts!  


Cornelius is a cute, fat, high-paying cat — this slot is a hidden gem. This game features an any way pays system so there’s no exact lines you need for combos — you just need matching symbols in consecutive reels, starting from the leftmost reel. As the namesake of the game, the Cornelius symbol is the highest-paying symbol in the base game, along with cat’s favorites like the tuna can symbol, the milk symbol, and the fish symbol. 

There’s are two thrilling bonuses in this game that are both very similar, with the first being the cash drop feature. The cash drop feature is activated when three or more cash drop symbols land on the reels. The cash drop symbol is a plate of cracker sandwiches displaying its value.

Once activated, you get three spins, keeping the initial cash drop symbols you landed. Each time you land an additional cash drop symbol, your spins reset back to three.

At the end of each spin, you earn the value of all the symbols, and then the symbols move down one row for the next spin. So, you can keep earning the value of a single symbol until it moves off the screen — technically you can earn from the same symbol up to four times!   

The other feature has similar principles, but more ways to get massive wins! This other feature, known as the free spin feature, is activated when you land three or more scatters (the glass bowl full of crackers). Once activated, the scatters will be assigned a value, and just like the other game, you’ll start with three spins, trying to collect more symbols with cash values. And just like the other feature, each new symbol you land resets you back to three spins while also staying on the reels and earning you money until it falls off the screen.

But the difference with this feature is the multipliers that are available. You can get an “Up” symbol which moves all your cash symbols up so you can keep earning from them a few extra times before they disappear. You can also land a “cracker” which has a dollar amount. Each spin, the cracker adds its value to all the cash prize symbols on the reel. So for example: if you have a $10 and a $5 cracker, you’ll add an extra $15 to every symbol each spin! 


But this bonus gets even crazier than Cornelius’ antics. You can get multipliers which multiply everything on the reels, even the crackers. A few multipliers with all those crackers can turn small earnings into massive payouts in a spin or two!

James Reynolds
James Reynolds is Tipico's copywriter. He's also a go-to resource in both online slot games in Tipico's Casino...and pizza.