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Slot Spotlight: Slingo Games — Baking Bonanza, Deal or No Deal Slingo, Slingo Hot Roll

Baking Bonanza, Deal or No Deal Slingo, and Slingo Hot Roll are three of the most fun Slingo games we've played.

March 5, 2024

Welcome to the world of Slingo – where the thrill of slots meets the strategy of bingo, creating an electrifying fusion. The combination of chance and strategy in these Slingo games has captivated players with a unique blend of gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the Slingo scene, this Slingo edition of Slot Spotlight may have a lucky game for you! Let the games begin!

Baking Bonanza

Baking Bonanza is one of the most unique games on Tipico Casino. You can play the way you want by selecting your own paytable — you have the power to decide what baked items you need to hit to get paid.

You start by selecting your stake, from $1 – $100. Then comes the fun part — you get to select your board. There are five tiers in Baking Bonanza, and you get to select an item for each tier. Each tier has eight items to choose from with different ingredients and payouts. You can choose easier items like with common items for lower payouts, or you can choose harder-to-hit items like the Billionaires Shortbread with extremely rare items like the gold leaf. Those can lead to massive payouts.

Once you select your items and your stake you’re ready to play! When you hit spin, the reels below will spin five times. Ingredients you need (or don’t need) will land in the five spaces below. When an ingredient in one of your selected items lands in one of the five spaces, it gets collected on your board.

And once you collect all ingredients for a single item you get paid!


The best part of this game is you can keep chasing items after your five spins for an additional price. The price of each additional spin is determined by how close you are to an item. Which is perfect, because you can decide if you want to keep going for a bigger payout.


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Deal or No Deal Slingo 

Ready for the deal of a lifetime? Deal or No Deal Sling0 is one of the most exciting games on Tipico Casino. Just like the show, you start by choosing your lucky case to set your fate. If you are max betting, you can get as little as $1 or up to $5000 in your case. 

After you choose your case, you essentially start playing a game of bingo. You get ten spins where five numbers appear to get “slingos” (a slingo is just like a bingo, where you get every number in a straight line).  Once you get four slingos you unlock the banker’s offer! From there, you can either: take the banker’s offer, open your case, or keep spinning to get more slingos to earn multipliers for increased payouts.

Slingo Hot Roll

Our final slingo game we’re featuring is Slingo Hot Roll! Unlike most Slingo games, you actually won’t know the size of the prizes you’re playing for right away, because your prizes in this game are different bonus features!   

Just like bingo (and most Slingo games) you get a star when a number on your board lands, with the goal of making a straight line. In Slingo, you can also get a wild, which lets you select any number in the corresponding reel. You can also get super wilds which let you select any number on the whole board!

Once you get five Slingos, you’re eligible for the first reward, the Easy Roll. If you claim the easy roll bonus, you get to roll a dice, and win a prize associated with that roll. The higher the roll, the more you win.

The same goes for the next three available rewards — the Double Roll, the Double Double Roll, and the Triple Double Roll. All of these rolls are similar to the Easy Roll but have higher multipliers two to four rolls. But the most enticing reason to play this game is to unlock one of the Hot Rolls.

Once you get 9+ Slingos, you unlock one of the Hot Rolls, where you have a chance at unlimited earnings. The Hot Roll is similar to a game of craps, but you get paid no matter what number the dice land on — except for a 7. In the Hot Roll, you get a set cash amount based on the outcome of your roll.

 You get to keep rolling until you roll a 7 — you can keep adding to your payout with each roll of any other number. Get on a hot streak and you can win a huge payout!

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