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Slot Spotlight: The Terminator Win & Spin, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, Narcos

Get into movie and TV slots with fun bonus features with these three games.

March 22, 2024

Ready for some next level entertainment? Some of your favorite TV shows and movies have their own slot games that immerse you into their stories. These games have star characters as symbols and even some bonus features that bring you into a scene.

Oh — and did I mention that you could win a big chunk of change from these games?

The Terminator Win & Spin

The Terminator is a great movie, but I’d argue it’s an even better slot. It has arguably one of the most thrilling bonus features I’ve seen!

The base game of The Terminator Win & Spin has five reels with 20 different pay lines. If you win on more than one line, you are awarded both payouts. There are 11 different symbols, with the highest paying 20x your wager when lining up five. Two different symbols can trigger a bonus.  

The first and more common bonus you can get occurs when a full-sized picture lands in the first reel. It can be a picture of any character, and as long as it takes up all the spaces in the first reel, the bonus is awarded. The big picture locks into place and triggers the remaining reels to re-spin, in an attempt to collect matching symbols. This bonus will keep spinning until there’s a spin where you don’t collect any matching symbols.

The next bonus you can get in Terminator is an exciting one. You collect cash while the Terminator chases you down, trying to end your bonus! There are two ways to unlock this bonus: by landing six or more red glowing “Terminator eye” symbols on your reels, or you can simply buy the bonus feature for a set price. 

Once the bonus is initiated, any red glowing symbols will lock into place while the remaining reels spin. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a progress bar with The Terminator a few spaces away from your character. This progress bar tracks how long your bonus will last.

With each spin, you either move further away from the Terminator, or the Terminator moves closer to you. With each additional Terminator eye you land, you move a space away from the Terminator.

Your goal is to move towards prizes and get to the end, where you can be awarded the Grand Wheel. But you have to outrun the Terminator to collect those prizes, because each spin that doesn’t land any of those red glowing eyes moves the Terminator one space closer to you.

Your bonus ends when the Terminator catches you or if you make it all the way to the end and are awarded the Grand Wheel. The Grand Wheel gives you a chance to spin and win 1000x your original wager! 

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

Moving on to a top chef, we have the Gordon Ramsay Hells Kitchen slot game. You’d have to be an “idiot sandwich” to not play this one.

This game is a five-reel, three-row slot with 20 different ways to line up winning combinations. The game features some of Gordon’s iconic dishes such as his beef wellington, his sticky toffee pudding, his burger and more (these act as the higher paying symbols).

Along with Gordon Ramsay yelling at you while you play his slot, the bonus features are the best part of this game. The first bonus feature is the “Ramsay’s Wilds” feature. This feature is randomly activated, and it caused knifes or pans to be thrown at your screen. The objects thrown at you turn into wilds, giving you 5-7 wilds to pair with every single symbol (except the scatter) so you can get huge combos and massive payouts! 

The next bonus is rare, but sure to lead to a massive win and potentially another bonus. When you land three or more of the scatter symbols (the Gordon Ramsay face symbol) you unlock the “Team Challenge free spins” feature. Just like in the show Hell’s Kitchen, it’s red team vs blue team, and you need to pick which side you are joining.

Once you pick a team, the free spins will begin. There will be two reels, the red and blue reels. Both will spin 10 times, and with each spin a random order may come up, serving both or one of the team’s multipliers and wilds. At the end of the ten free spins, you get to keep the winnings from both teams, but if the team you picked won more money, you get to play the bonus game!

Gordon’s Bonus Game brings you to a screen with 15 menus — 12 of the menus contain random cash prizes or multipliers, while three of the menus are “bad” menus. You get to choose menus and win random prizes until you select all three of the bad menus. Once those three menus are selected, the sum of all the cash prize menus are added up (and multiplied if you landed any multipliers) and awarded.  


Don’t worry, you don’t need to have shootouts to win cash on the Narcos slot. Narcos is an exciting five-reel, three-row slot with 243 different ways to hit combinations. Characters from the show act as the high-paying symbols, with the top two symbols paying 15x your bet when you land five (one in each vertical line, starting with the leftmost reel).  

But this game goes beyond high-paying symbols with its thrilling features and bonuses. This game has two different wild features, the first being the Walking Wild feature. If you hit a winning combination containing a wild, that wild moves over one row and stays on your reels for the next spin! So, hitting a wild towards the rightmost reel can result in a guaranteed wild for multiple spins in a row.

The second wild feature is the Drive-By. The Drive-By feature is triggered randomly after a spin. A car will simply drive-by and shoot wilds at your reel, which hopefully results in a high-paying combo and a Walking Wild on your next spin!  

But we know you’re playing this game for the bonus! The bonus in the game is unlocked when you land three or more “Catch Me” symbols on one horizontal line. After you land those three symbols the “Locked Up” feature will begin, keeping the “Catch Me” symbols locked into place. The reels will then spin three times, with the goal to land and connect more “Catch Me” symbols.

Each additional “Catch Me” symbol you land will restart the number of spins left, back to three. Each symbol you get has a value assigned to it. At the end of the feature, you win the sum of all the symbols you locked in!  

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