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Tipico’s Top-Ranked Casino App Gets Major Upgrade

October 17, 2023

Tipico’s Casino app recently took the top ranking in an independent study, finishing first among 32 rated U.S. casino apps in its debut in Eilers & Krejcik Gaming’s most recent product analysis, released in September 2023.

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming said the Tipico Casino app “provides solid execution on all the key elements and crucially has no major UX pain points. Online casino is a relatively simpler proposition than sports betting and places much greater emphasis on a clean, intuitive, and fast UX.

Tipico excelled here in testing from in-app navigation to game loading and stability. In casino, more than any other gambling vertical, getting the basics right is the most important thing.”

Apps were rated according to user experience, gaming interface, features, core account features, and aesthetics. Tipico’s app ranked in the top 10 in every category, with the top gaming interface and core features of any app.

App Gets Major Upgrade

Not content to rest on any laurels, Tipico is launching a major upgrade to its Casino app. New features include fast login speeds, industry-leading search functionality for games and features, increased personalization based on player experience, new exciting branding, a desktop option for multi game play within a single view, new upcoming games, and much more.

We talked to Claire Alexander, Tipico’s Casino VP, about the update. Alexander has worked in the industry for 23 years and joined Tipico in 2022. She has supported development of the new Casino app before taking over the role of Casino VP this August.

Q. Tipico’s Casino app was recently ranked first overall in an independent study. What made the company want to launch a revamped version of its Casino offering?

A. Beating some of the top names in the industry was an amazing achievement for the team and Tipico. We always try to focus on doing the basics well and this result shows we are doing just that.

We always want to keep things simple for the user, but we wanted to re-imagine the online casino concept and make it a more fun, appealing environment, without the dark and traditional approach you get from most other online operators. Most of the current features that got us the top spot will be the same — if not better than they are currently. The key difference is in the branding.

‘Best Casino Search Functionality’

Q. There are a lot of changes in Casino 2.0 — faster login speed, increased search functionality for specific games and more, new personalization features…what do you think are some of the most intriguing updates to bettors?

A. Our brand will be the most obvious change to our users, differentiating Tipico from the rest of the market and from our sports product, which should really allow the Casino to shine.

Even though the brand will be the main visual difference, the amount of behind-the-scenes work has also enabled search functionality and the programmatic categories to be two of my favorite parts of our app.

In my opinion, we have the best casino search functionality on the market today.

Q. If I’m a bettor looking for an online Casino, what’s special about this new update that might make Tipico the first choice for me? And for those already using Tipico’s app, what will stand out the most with Casino 2.0?

A. I think the fact we do the basics very well should encourage any user to come play at Tipico Casino. However, two things come to mind for me when talking about attracting new customers.

First, the new brand appeals to everyone – we didn’t want to alienate an audience group by being too gender-specific, too old-fashioned or uninteresting, so we went for something we feel makes all users glow and feel happy when they use our product — regardless of gender, age or game preference.

Secondly, our offers for new customers are attractive. They’re a better value than most of our competitors and easy to use, which should encourage any new user to sign up at Tipico!

Regarding those already using the current app, again, the new branding is so different to what we currently have. On top of the new look, we have some great offers, tailored specifically to the users.

Q. On a personal note, what’s it been like playing a role in the development of such a big new offering from Tipico?

A. It’s always a nerve-wracking time when you launch a new product in any industry, because you must be confident about the market and what’s expected. Now as the top Casino App, there’s extra pressure to maintain that top spot.

I’ve only been heavily involved in the project since July — the project was being worked on well in advance of that — so I’ve joined the party fairly late, but I’ve still had opportunity to give my input and feedback and I have a great deal of trust in my colleagues and the agencies we’ve worked with to get to where we are today.

‘This Is Only the Beginning’

Q. Do you have any other notes to add about the launch of the newly branded Casino app?

A. I would just say it’s been a long road to get to the launch, but in terms of the experience we have with our EU colleagues, plus the technology we’ve built the Casino platform on, and the leadership team we have in place in North America, everything is in place to succeed.

One final point, this is only the beginning, this version of our new Casino will be big, bold and a lot has happened behind the scenes, but it’s just the beginning.

There’s so much more to come, our feature backlogs are loaded and we’re ready to maintain our hold on that top ranking!

Phil Dzikiy
Phil Dzikiy is Marketing Editor of Tipico North America. He runs Tipico’s sports and casino blogs. A writer/editor with an extensive background in journalism and publishing, Dzikiy has written or edited for Professional Sports Publications, Wirecutter, Electrek, VMSD Magazine, iLounge, and a number of newspapers, among other outlets. He lives in New York City.