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Tipico Tourney Contest Tightens Up!

Tipico Tourney Contest Tightens Up | Tipico
Tipico Tourney Contest Tightens Up | Tipico
Alex Valdes
Published: 2023-03-27

Clay C's lead in Tipico Sportsbook's basketball tournament contest has shrunk after the weekend's Elite Eight games, as over 4,300 bettors have jumped into the madness trying to win $500,000 worth of prizes.

The eventual overall champion will win the grand prize -- bets on us for an entire year!

The remainder of the top 12 include all four states that Tipico serves -- Ohio, Colorado, New Jersey and Iowa:

Andrew T (Colorado) 22,420
Christopher V (Ohio) 18,541
Andrew B (Ohio) 17,881
William D (Ohio) 15,391
Frank H (Ohio) 14,829
John R (Colorado) 14,678
Kevin D (New Jersey) 14,131
Brandon K (Ohio) 13,316
Dulaney K (Ohio) 12,327
Nicholas L (Iowa) 11,825

The contest has been a huge success with Tipico bettors, with 4,324 folks jumping into the madness.

Click here to see the leaderboard (scroll down a bit).

How about you, are you ready to dance? Yes, it's that time again, when "how's your bracket" becomes an all-too-repeated question and folks who don't know a free throw from a stone's throw suddenly become some of the biggest basketball fans in the world.

The Madness is back and we're giving out a share of 500k, guaranteed prizes and a chance to win bets on us for a year!


But we here at Tipico Sportsbook are ready to make it a bit more worth your while with our college hoops betting competition! When you bet $20 or more on the tournament you earn points and climb the leaderboards towards the grand prize! Plus, you're GUARANTEED a piece of $500K in prizes.

Click here to join our tournament contest and have a chance to climb up the leaderboard against other Madness bettors.

The grand prize winner will win bets on us for a year where they get a $100 bet credit every week! Runners up and the winner of each state will also win bets on us for a year and will get a $20 bet credit every week! But the best part is that you get prizes just for playing!

So, just because you’re out of the race doesn’t mean you don’t get any prizes. Each week you make qualifying wagers (a bet of $20 or more on the tournament) you get a $20 protected bet just for playing! You could keep rolling over your protected bet and earn more protected bets to help you climb the leaderboard!

Want to climb to the top spot? Here’s how it works! Qualifying wagers that win can earn you points, based on the odds of the bet. The bigger the odds the more points! Plus odds earn you equal to the odds (so +750 would earn you 750 points!), winning bets with minus odds under -200 (-110 to -190) earn you 20 points and wins with minus odds greater than -200 don’t earn you any points. Also, wagers that lose and are cashed out will not score any points.

Bet the Tourney: In Ohio | Colorado | New Jersey | Iowa

Odds, Lines, Spread, Trends Info for All Games

Hitting those massive parlays and cashing in on big underdogs will go a long way in this competition. After all, the madness has always been about longshots that shock the world.

So, it’s time to show off your college hoops betting prowess better than any bracket can and win real cash while you do it. Climb the leaderboard by racking up points every time you win a bet. Call your shot on an underdog or a big parlay to score more. The longer the odds, the more you score! Hit a +400 parlay and that's 400 points added to your score. It's that simple!

"Tipico is excited for the tournament and the excitement it brings to college basketball fans and bettors," said Brian Becker, Vice President of Marketing for Tipico Sportsbook. "This year we wanted to create a contest of skill -- and rewards our best player along the way."

Tipico Tourney Contest Tightens Up | Tipico


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