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The World Series Odds Are Hot -- Get In!

The Odds Are Hot -- Bet the World Series Now | Tipico
The Odds Are Hot -- Bet the World Series Now | Tipico
Alex Valdes
Published: 2023-03-31

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With the opening pitches of the 2023 MLB season underway, baseball fans from coast to coast eagerly anticipate the next seven months of wall-to-wall action.

From this moment through October, 30 professional teams will duke it out on the diamond — each one hoping to punch their ticket to the postseason. Their ultimate goal: to dethrone the reigning champion, Houston Astros.

Think you know who’s going to the World Series? Willing to bet on it?

Before you place any World Series futures, make sure to first consult our comprehensive World Series odds guide, with the latest odds, trends, and analysis.


Before we dive into the analysis, let’s talk odds. Currently, the MLB World Series odds are as follows:

Houston Astros +600
Atlanta Braves +700
New York Yankees +750
Los Angeles Dodgers +750
San Diego Padres +850
New York Mets +900
Toronto Blue Jays +900
Philadelphia Phillies +1400
Seattle Mariners +1500
St. Louis Cardinals +2000
Tampa Bay Rays +2000
Chicago White Sox +3000
Cleveland Guardians +3000
Milwaukee Brewers +3000
San Francisco Giants +3500
Texas Rangers +3500
Boston Red Sox +4000
Chicago Cubs +5000
Baltimore Orioles +5000
Minnesota Twins +5000
Los Angeles Angels +5000
Miami Marlins +7000
Arizona Diamondbacks +8000
Detroit Tigers +8000
Colorado Rockies +10000
Kansas City Royals +15000
Cincinnati Reds +20000
Oakland Athletics +20000
Pittsburgh Pirates +20000
Washington Nationals +20000

Are you new to futures? If so, you might wonder what the numbers mean.

The positive numbers in this chart are the odds for each team to win. These odds indicate how much money you would make if you were to bet $100 on a given team and they proceed to win the World Series.

For instance, if you were to bet $1000 on the favorites, the Astros, at +600 odds, you would win $6,000 if they won the World Series, and your total payout would be $7,000 (your initial wager + winnings).

With futures, the higher the number, the less likely a team is considered to be a potential winner. As a result, the longer the odds, the higher the payout.

Think that the Angels — who have arguably two of the best players in the world in Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani — can pull it together? If so, a $1,000 bet on the Angels at their current odds of +5000 would payout $50,000.


With the regular season kicking off, here are three of the storylines we’ll be watching closely over the next few months.

Can the Astros (+600) Repeat?
As is often the case, the current title holder Houston Astros opens the season as the odds-on favorites to clinch the World Series.

Expectations for the 2023 season are sky-high, with many of last year’s starting nine returning, Astros are the favorites to win the division. And for good reason; there are no weaknesses on the roster — rotation, bullpen, batting order, and defense are all top-notch. Barring injuries, they should be a lock as the division favorite.

However, historically speaking, the chances of a World Series repeat are low. Winning a single World Series is hard enough — just ask the Mariners — but securing back-to-back World Series has proven even tougher.

In MLB history, only 14 teams have accomplished that illustrious feat. The last team to do it was the Yankees dynasty of Jeter, Rivera, and Torre, which achieved a three-peat from ‘98 to 2000.

Dodgers (+750) Regular Season Heroes, Postseason Zeros?
The 2022 Dodgers suffered one of the largest postseason failures in baseball history.

With a historic 111-regular season wins and the best run differential since 1939, the juggernauts suffered an equally historic playoff flop against the Padres, taking an early 1-0 series lead, only to lose 3 straight to the weaker Padres.

Now, everyone is wondering whether the slump will wear off and Dodgers will return to previous form. Although they may have gone backward in terms of roster construction — in truth, backward is likely the only reasonable way to go after a 111-win season — they still have one of, if not the most stacked bullpens in baseball.

Sleeper Guardians (+3000)?
If you’re looking for value on the board, Cleveland could be the dark horse sleeper pick worth considering.

Their odds have already shifted by +500 over the last few months. Even so, +3000 odds to win could be a terrific value. Fresh off a 92-win season, Cleveland has further strengthened its starting roster by filling some holes by signing first baseman Josh Bell and catcher Mike Zunino. The Guardians boast the youngest roster in the majors, with 9 top-100 prospects in their system. To top it off, in April, they signed their generational talent, third baseman José Ramirez to an incredibly team-friendly 5-year $124 million contract extension.

If you want to take a shot on a sleeper pick, the smart money is on the Guardians.


As the excitement of America’s favorite pastime unfolds, now’s the perfect time to place your wagers. Who do you think will win it all? Will Houston repeat? Can the Dodgers shake off the shame of last season’s postseason collapse? Or can a dark horse like Cleveland shock the baseball world?

This season, don’t just watch from the bleachers. Immerse yourself in the thrill of it all. Put some skin in the game with Tipico.

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The Odds Are Hot -- Bet the World Series Now | Tipico


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