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The best 45 minutes of every week in the fall takes place from about 3:30pm – 4:15pm ET, when 8-10 NFL games are coming down to the wire. These are crucial moments with ripple effects across the entire league. These ripples can combine into a giant wave of cash when combined into a sports betting parlay. Very few things will get your blood pumping faster than the anticipation before a parlay is about to hit.


Parlay winnings can grow exponentially with additional bets, and with the games all happening at once, a winning parlay can check off every box in a matter of minutes. Victorious NFL parlays are the ultimate joyride and the perfect way to finish off an autumn weekend. Click below to register with Tipico sportsbook, and explore our parlay builder in the iOS or Android app.

Check out the Tipico odds and lines for the upcoming slate of NFL games.

Bet on NFL parlays with Tipico Sportsbook